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Floats Available

New for 2017, I will transport your group further upstream to the Holton/Duck Lake road boat launch. From there you can float down to the creston rd launch, or Richards park on Ottawa street. It takes about 3 hours to paddle but you get 4 hours to enjoy the river at your own pace. The price is the Both Floats price of $35 per kayak. 

Upper Float

1 person kayak    $25                     River Cat            $25                      2 person kayak   $40

Lower Float

 1 person kayak     $20                     River Cat        $20                       2 person kayak    $35

Both Floats

1 person kayak    $35                  River Cat            $35                   2 person kayak    $50

The upper and lower floats each take 1 to 1&1/2 hours to float, but I give you 2 hours to explore the river, swim or stop for lunch. You can combine the two floats (both floats) for a longer float (3-4 hours).     Weekday floats must be off the river by 6pm unless booked in advance. Weekend floats, off the river times are usually just before sunset. Sunrise floats on weekdays are a great way to start the day. Call or Text 231-740-0227 to book your float today.

Float times are set each day after the first group reserves a time. Please call to reserve a time as  this will ensure you get the boats you want and the time you desire. If you arrive without a reservation, I may be sold out for that time slot, and you may have to wait for the next launch window. 

Extras to Rent $1 each                                                                                                                 cooler, dry bag, towel, umbrella, can holder, baseball cap, eyeglass strap, fishing pole, phone case, camera, Mp3 speaker, bluetooth speaker, waterproof hardcase.

Transport your kayak(s) on my trailer to launch point w/rental of another boat for $5 per yak. Without a rental it is $15 per yak.                                                                                                                                                                Remember, as with any river, NO Glass of any kind allowed. Please leave the river pristine for the next paddlers.