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1241 Anna, Muskegon,Mi

Hello, I'm Guy DeBor of Guy's Ultimate Kayak Service. I offer kayak rental and kayak transport on the Muskegon river, in Muskegon, Michigan, starting at $20 per person. I will also transport/shuttle your kayak(s) upstream for $5 with each rental of a kayak. My floats take from 1, to 1 and 1/2 hours to paddle, but I give you 2 hours to explore the river. The floats can be combined for a 4 hour float. Check out my other pages for all the details. Thanks and Happy Floating! New for 2019: You can now book a float 24/7 on my website so click on a float on my main page and reserve a kayak today.

Hi, I'm Guy at your service

After your float, stop by the Sportspage Grill on Holton rd.(M120),for a meal and a cool beverage. Ask big Dave for the kayak special and he will hook you up. Check them out at!